Take Your Salesforce® Investment to New Heights

Featuring Guest Presenter John Rymer, Forrester

ApexTM: too much code for low-code?
If your organization relies on Salesforce for CRM or as a development platform, Apex code can present challenges that may hinder the value Salesforce can bring to your organization.

Join Rik Chomko, co-founder and CEO of InRule®, for a webinar which provides case studies and architectures that demonstrate how to gain more value from Salesforce through the deployment of a decision platform. Empowering non-technical users with a decision platform allows them to create and maintain business rules and calculations for Salesforce without the need for Apex code modifications.

From pricing and eligibility to case management, scoring, and fraud detection, it is possible for your Salesforce implementation to reduce risk, speed delivery and enable automation.

This webinar also highlights research from a recent Forrester report that details best practices for going “all in” on using CRM platforms to develop applications. Guest speaker, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst John Rymer, covers:

  • Best practices for going “all in” on using a CRM platform to develop applications
  • How clients transform their businesses to digital form
  • Why a CRM platform is necessary for all things customer

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