Establishing a Single Source of Truth in a Low-Code World

Are low-code applications putting your organization at risk?

Yes, on one hand these applications make it easier to rapidly deliver customer-facing and internal applications in a resource-constrained environment.

However, on the other hand, teams and individuals within the business are deploying these solutions on their own, often without involvement from IT. The result? Shadow IT implementations without corporate governance or standards, leading to inconsistent deployments, and a lack of integration with other systems.

These factors can put any organization at risk for a variety of negative business outcomes, including inconsistent data and business logic. And with data and business logic, the more inconsistency and more versions that exist, the more mistruths run through an organization.

Join Rik Chomko, Co-Founder and CEO of InRule Technology®, for a 30-minute webinar and discover how business rule technology, a low-code solution, can help your organization:

  • Promote a single source of truth to ensure consistency of logic;
  • Optimize changes in business logic and calculations by allowing non-technical business users to write and manage rules;
  • Overcome issues of Shadow IT by fostering collaboration between business and IT.

Request the presentation and learn about the positive ripple effect that centralizing logic has on productivity, compliance, accountability and excitement with business stakeholders and IT.

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