Customize Rules from an Existing WIC System to Stay Ahead of Requirements and Regulations

With USDA encouragement and multiple systems to choose from, WIC state agencies are transferring WIC systems from other states However, each state must customize the system as necessary to meet their own rules for eligibility, nutrition risk, food packages, allowable foods, vendor management, and many other factors as allowed by federal regulations.

How can state agencies easily customize transferred WIC systems to meet their own needs? How can these systems become more configurable, dynamic and flexible in the future to keep pace with changing standards and regulations?

Join Donna Seward, Former Virginia Dept. of Health State WIC Director, and InRule for an on demand webinar and see firsthand how states can stay on top of requirements and regulations by incorporating a business rule management system (BRMS) into an existing WIC application to empower subject matter experts to change rules – without complex code modifications. The presentation highlights the key steps and considerations for incorporating a BRMS into a WIC application at the time of, or after, transfer to maximize resources and promote future scalability.

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