Cloud-Based Customer-Focused Systems

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Azure, and Business Rules
Rules and regulations govern key business processes, including customer-focused systems such as product eligibility, pricing, upsell/cross-sell, and patient care planning. More dynamic and adaptable customer-focused systems are vital to creating a better customer experience. Today’s businesses need systems that make it easy for customers to interact with you, with human assistance or without.

Learn how a leading UK-based international healthcare group with more than 50,000 employees worldwide, is kicking off a multi-regional project for a new Private Medical Insurance (PMI) Eligibility, Pricing, and Claims system to improve customer experience. With complex and frequently changing business rules that drive their customer-focused systems, this organization’s vision is a solution that allows them to manage the frequently changing rules outside of code and to use the same decision-making systems for customer care representatives and web-based self-service portals.

This webinar will describe and demonstrate a cloud-based customer-focused system for PMI using the Microsoft Dynamics® platform, Microsoft Azure®, and InRule® for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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