Born to Transform

Optimizing Business Responsiveness with BPM and BRMS

Companies are increasingly faced with the challenge of providing a flexible and agile approach across departments, such as financial operations, sales and marketing, and human resources, while still meeting the growing list of compliance mandates put forth by the government. This is particularly challenging across healthcare, insurance and government agencies, and within other highly regulated organizations.

K2 and InRule deliver on this vision by combining two transformational technologies, Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rule Management Systems (BRMS), which can automate and streamline your back-office operations as well as your customer-oriented processes.

In this informative webinar, K2 and InRule highlight:

  • How to improve operational efficiency while providing agility and transparency into rules and processes;
  • How to future-proof yourself against internal and external policy changes;
  • How to be more nimble to meet evolving needs and regulations.

The webinar also includes a demonstration of a loan origination process using K2 and InRule. The building blocks used to create this process also apply to many other real-world examples.

Watch the Webinar