Josh Elster

Josh Elster is a multivariate developer with a philosophy that software development has more to do with people than it does software. In his role as a Sr. ROAD services consultant, Josh has been thrilled to help InRule's customers and clients realize their full potential.

Prior to joining InRule in 2014, Josh served in roles with fancy titles like "code monkey", "dev manager", "agile coach", and "process consultant" across myriad industries and companies spanning more than a decade. Josh joined InRule because the company “provides the opportunity to do great work with some even better people.”

Originally a native of Chicago's suburbs, Josh received his Bachelor's degree from the University of Miami (the one in Florida. Swap the words to get the name of the one in Ohio) and lives in the downtown Chicago area. In his free time, he is an avid reader, gamer, musician, and sports fan.

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