IUC Survey Results 2017

Peter Fudalej | 10/17/2017

The results are in! Peter Fudalej explores the results and shares insights from our 2017 InRule User Community survey. Read More


Robert Eaman | 10/10/2017

Rob Eaman, Senior Rules Analyst and ROAD team member, explains the InRule approach to harvesting business rules from existing rule artifacts. Read More

Industry Conference

Elaine Cowen | 9/25/2017

Product Manager Elaine Cowen gives us her two biggest takeaways from the Industry Product Conference earlier this month. Read More

Gittin' on the GitHub Train

Elaine Cowen | 9/6/2017

Product Manager, Elaine Cowen, discusses the migration of our samples to GitHub. Read More

Four Observations from Gartner AADI Summit in Sydney

Rik Chomko | 8/24/2017

InRule® CEO Rik Chomko gives us four key observations from last month's Gartner AADI Summit. Read More

Docker Containers Part II

Josh Elster | 8/22/2017

Josh Elster is back for more as he explores Windows Containers and Docker further. Read More

Ordering the Operations - Execution Patterns in irAuthor®

Robert Eaman | 8/15/2017

Rob Eaman explains how to better understand the order of operations in InRule®. Read More

Back to Basics II: What is a Business Rules Management System?

Peter Fudalej | 7/24/2017

Peter Fudalej picks up where he left off in our back to the basics blog series as he answers the question, "What is a Business Rules Management System?" Read More

Automation with Business Rules and Machine Learning

Rik Chomko | 7/17/2017

Rik Chomko details how rule technology and machine learning, both members of the AI family, can work together to increase revenue and solve business problems. Read More

Serverless Execution with InRule for JavaScript and AWS Lambda

Dan Reynolds | 5/23/2017

Dan Reynolds, VP of Product Management, walks us through the process of creating rules in irAuthor and executing them in Amazon as an AWS Lambda Function. Read More