Extend the Value of Your SharePoint Investment with InRule

As more organizations manage business processes with SharePoint-based applications, there is an increasing need to manage complex decision logic as part of those processes. InRule extends SharePoint to enable you to manage critical business decisions that are governed by various SharePoint elements, including documents, processes and workflows.

A business analyst tool to automate complex decisions

  • Validate or route list items such as documents or data records
  • Dynamically change InfoPath forms or WebParts based on input data
  • Make business logic changes without the risk of data loss or downtime
  • Implement chains of complex rules that drive many business decisions

A good architectural fit for .NET developers

  • Move management of business rules out of custom SharePoint code
  • Write reusable integration components in .NET code with InRule’s robust SDK 
  • Import and operate directly with SharePoint list data and SDK objects
  • Call InRule from SharePoint workflows to automate decision points