Extend the Value of Your BizTalk Server Investment with InRule

Organizations with complex business logic or who want to empower business users to manage business rules need a more intuitive authoring environment and more granular rule management than is included with BizTalk Server. InRule extends your investment in BizTalk Server by empowering the people who understand your business to write and manage rules.

Manage the complex rules common in BizTalk orchestrations

  • Write rules with an intuitive, menu-driven approach using the business language editor
  • Manage large sets of similarly structured rules with decision tables
  • Express calculations and complex conditions with Excel-like syntax expressions
  • Have rules perform a wide variety of actions from setting field values to calling Web services
  • Manage the security and change control of rules via irCatalog

Three ways to call InRule from a BizTalk Orchestration

  • Create a custom, static .NET method with irSDK and call it from an expression shape
  • Use irAdapter for BizTalk Server, an adapter included with InRule
  • Call generic static methods from the expression shape available in InRule