Easily Write and Test Rules using your CRM Data with irX® for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM

An extension to irAuthor, irX® for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM provides an intuitive environment for writing and testing rules with your CRM data.

Configure your Microsoft Dynamics CRM rule authoring environment

  • Create an authoring environment tightly integrated with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment 


  • Import entities, fields and relationships from any Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment
  • Easily filter even the largest list of entities, fields and relationships
  • Import any type of field including Picklists and Lookups
  • Refresh irAuthor to keep imported entities, fields, and Picklists up-to-date

Safely test rules using live Microsoft Dynamics CRM data

  • Click the test button to select data from your CRM environment to use for testing
  • Use any system or personal view from the selected environment to locate the record(s) of interest
  • Test rules against a single record to verify results are correct or to debug the rules
  • Build and run regression test suites with multiple records to make sure rule changes did not have unintended consequences