InRule Components Tour and Demo

Understand and Automate Decisions


Join Director of Sales Engineering Mike Grucella for a 30-minute tour of InRule's rule authoring, storage, testing and execution components. See firsthand how these components work together to help you and your teams understand and automate decisions. The presentation takes place on Fri., Aug. 11 at 11:00 CDT.

This live demo session will take you through the key steps for building a rule application including:

  • Importing a schema definition;
  • Writing rules using the business language editor;
  • Writing rules using the decision table editor;
  • Testing and validating rule execution results;
  • Inspecting the rule execution trace log.

Note: The demo will last 30 minutes and will not include Q&A. In order for your questions to receive the detailed answers they deserve, please direct them to Sheena Brown at sbrown at