Write, Update and Test Rules for Salesforce® – Without ApexTM Code!

InRule® for the Salesforce® Platform is the only enterprise-grade Decision Platform that provides the ability to create and maintain automated decisions for Salesforce.

For organizations using Salesforce as an application development platform or to overcome limitations around managing complex decision logic, InRule for the Salesforce Platform empowers non-technical users to author decision logic for Salesforce without the need for ApexTM code modifications.

The InRule for the Salesforce Platform product offering includes an authoring extension, irX® for the Salesforce® Platform, and the Salesforce Integration Framework for decision execution.

The irX for the Salesforce Platform authoring extension allows InRule entities and fields to be sourced directly from Salesforce. Decision logic is then written from the comfort of InRule’s business user-friendly authoring environment, irAuthor®. Rather than manually creating test data, the extension allows direct connection to Salesforce for loading data into irVerify® for testing. This tight integration of decision authoring and testing streamlines decision verification and provides confidence in decision logic.


  • Enable Subject Matter Experts to author and manage rules – they know the business best
  • Quickly make changes to application logic – no need to sift through code for every rule or calculation change
  • Gain confidence in rules by using existing Salesforce data for testing
  • Allow Salesforce to do more – maximize your investment

Explore InRule for the Salesforce Platform:
The irX for the Salesforce Platform authoring extension provides the ability to author rules against Salesforce objects and test rules against Salesforce data.

Configure and connect to a Salesforce environment:


Once connected, choose the entities and fields that you will be managing in InRule. This includes look-ups or reference fields, one-to-many relationships and pick-lists:

The selected Salesforce objects and fields are then loaded in the Rule Application as InRule entities, fields and value lists. The full feature set of irAuthor can then be used to write rules:

Once you’re ready to test your rules, you can use the extension’s Test options to pull test data directly from the configured Salesforce environment(s) and load into irVerify:
Test rules in irVerify

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