Enterprise JavaScript: Three Important Architecture and Design Considerations

On-Demand Webinar Featuring Forrester Analyst Michael Facemire

“Adoption of JavaScript - and the Node.js runtime environment in particular - sets the stage for the biggest shift in enterprise application development in more than a decade.”

That’s how research and advisory firm Forrester describes the growing presence of JavaScript by enterprise development organizations in an April 2016 report entitled “The Dawn of Enterprise JavaScript.”

Join InRule Technology and our guest Forrester Principal Analyst Michael Facemire for a webinar highlighting:

  • How JavaScript addresses scalability challenges;
  • The impact of JavaScript on enterprise architectures and programming models;
  • The use of rule technology to minimize hard-coded logic in JavaScript for reduced risk and greater transparency.

The presentation also includes a brief demonstration from InRule VP of Product Management Dan Reynolds. He will show how InRule® for JavaScript meets the evolving demands of the enterprise by enabling rules to run anywhere Node.js is supported (such as AWS Lambda and Azure App Service), while also leveraging those same rules in the browser or on a disconnected device.

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