InRule User Community Feedback

Read what our user community has to say about their experiences with InRule

More than 350 customers in 30 countries manage their business logic with InRule. Their satisfaction is our top priority and we’re always thrilled when our User Community takes time to share with us their feedback and experiences with InRule.

  • “InRule hasgreat product support and integration teams,>they have helped us integrate InRule as a rules engine quickly.” Aug 2017
  • “It’s a solid product for rules development. Easy to learn and the support from the company is the best.” Aug 2017
  • “InRule has become a core component of our strategic platform.To help on this journey we have had unlimited and uncompromising support from InRule.They have unselfishly taken time to understand our needs and goals and help build solid, bullet-proof solutions.” Aug 2017
  • “InRule rocks! Since implementing I have saved dozens, if not hundreds of hours of work in specific areas of our business that previously suffered from business rules being buried in code, procedures, and even documents.Anything that needs a rule should be handled in InRule!” Aug 2017
  • “InRule is willing togo the extra mile to do whatever it takes to keep their clients happy. Support does not end when the contract is signed.”Aug 2017
  • “I took a few moments and detailed my problem and within a few hours I received an accurate, concise answer from a ROAD consultant. It didn’t cost me a dime. Itruly appreciate that level of support from a partner.”May 2017
  • “I believe that InRule is an excellent solution for business rule abstraction. It iswell built, intuative [sic] and easy to use. Particularly excellent is the business object centric view.”April 2017
  • “It is a good product witha lot of flexibility cross potentially many types of business applications and cansave programming development time/costs.”April 2017
  • Good editor, install was simple. Started first rule in about 10 minutes. Great so far. Still need training, but looks good.”April 2017
  • “The product is verymatured, comprehensive and polished>and thesupport from InRule staff is superb.” Mar. 2017
  • “InRules [sic] does an excellent job of letting the user write rules in business language. It ispowerful, easy, intuitive and fast. It takes the rules out of the code what is very helpful and makes the application more robust and a lot less recompiles. It also brings the rule management to the subject matter expert and away from the software engineer who is most of the time not a subject matter expert on the rule creation and maintenance.”Mar. 2017
  • “Great tool, Great performance,Easy to setup rules.”Mar. 2017
  • Great product, great team, allows very creative solutions to business problems.”Feb. 2017
  • “With InRule, our users will have a far superior environment for developing, modifying and testing the business rules that they had with our old XSLT-based system. In short,InRule is an amazing product with an even more amazing team!”Feb. 2017
  • “InRule delivers exactly what it claims to. Although I have not used all the features, it is veryintuitive and excellent for externalizing the business rule.”Feb. 2017
  • “A great product with a great feature set matched only by the extraordinary teams supporting the product. I have nothing but great things to say about the company, the people, and most importantly the technology. When it comes to an Enterprise .NET Rules Engine,there is only one rational choice: InRule.”Feb. 2017
  • “…the system is very solid and has expedited the way we deliver functionality. It alsoallows us to diversify our resources and get more throughput at a lower cost. If we are able to do it then others should be able to as well.”Feb. 2017
  • “Great ROAD service support..! Intuitive product – a joy to use.”Feb. 2017