Gittin’ on the GitHub Train


Elaine Cowen


With the release of version 5.0.23, we’ve put all of our samples that previously lived in the local install directory for your InRule solution onto GitHub. In addition, we’ve moved samples that were only available on our Support Site to GitHub as well.

These samples include both code samples for developers and also authoring samples for rule authors. There is a readme file which shows the table of contents and gives a description of the type of information within each sample.

We want to make these more visible and easily available to you when you’re in need. We also want one place to aggregate this information rather than having it spread out among your local file system and our Support Site.

This is a first step for us that we hope marks the beginning of a transformation to more accessible, web-based material to help make you successful using our tools.

You can access the latest samples at anytime by going to There will also be a link from the irAuthor start page to the samples for your specific release version.

Any feedback you have can be provided directly via GitHub. If you have any suggestions for new samples or how to change existing samples, you can fork our repository and then submit a pull request!

As always, you can send feedback via a variety of other options including via the Support Forums or via the Send Feedback option on the irAuthor start page.

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