Convergence 2014


Michael Bonner


Last week the Microsoft Dynamics CRM digerati convened in Atlanta for their annual meet-up. While those expecting a break from this year’s winter weather were disappointed, overall the conference was a success.

Here are our three takeaways:

  1. Dynamics CRM adoption is growing, and not just in the U.S. Given the flexibility of the platform, we weren’t surprised to see more marquee logos and hear more customer success stories. However, more so than in previous years, the events had a more diverse range of attendees from across the globe. While it is always neat to hear a variety of different languages, the implications of a more diverse Dynamics CRM customer base are exciting.
  2. The partner ecosystem is strong because it’s both broad and deep. There are no two ways about it: customers select Dynamics CRM because of the partner ecosystem. To some extent, you expect the “usual suspect” CRM partners (lead generation, etc.) but walking the avenues of the Convergence expo hall, you’ll see the global solution integrators, a sales-tax compliance ISV, and everything in between.
  3. Dynamics CRM isn’t your parents’ Salesforce Automation (SFA) tool – the most striking takeaway from the show was the range of solutions built on the platform. From case management and vendor management to extended relationship management (XRM), customers are applying Dynamics CRM beyond SFA, toward their most complex problems, and it’s delivering.

For us at InRule, the most exciting aspect of Convergence was meeting and working with Dynamics customers who have leveraged InRule for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. That user base has grown exponentially since Convergence 2013 and based on Dynamics CRM’s growing adoption, a strong partner ecosystem, and its extensibility, we can only anticipate the same for Convergence 2015.

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