Rule Technology - Taming the Internet of Things

Rik Chomko | 4/8/2014

Co-Founder and COO Rik Chomko explores the concept of the Internet of Things and tackles the question: How do we make sense of all the information from sensors without getting overloaded? Read More


Ryan Rinaldi | 4/1/2014

REST or SOAP? Which is best for building and designing web services and APIs? Ryan Rinaldi explains. Read More

The Empowerment Food Chain

Loren Goodman | 3/31/2014

InRule CTO Loren Goodman explores a world where analysts are empowered to try out innovative ideas via self-service. Read More

Honeypots and Helicopters: Creativity in Business

Jim Wray | 3/17/2014

Jim Wray highlights a story from his Creativity and Innovation in Business class at DePaul University. The story is a great example of how creative thinking can be used to keep businesses relevant and performing well in today's competitive landscape. Read More

Convergence 2014

Michael Bonner | 3/10/2014

Michael Bonner summarizes his takeaways from Microsoft Convergence 2014. Read More

Running Business Logic On Demand with Dynamics CRM 2013 Action Processes

John Hauppa | 2/24/2014

Dynamics CRM 2013 allows developers and configurators to run custom business logic on demand using server-side events. John Hauppa details the process. Read More

Report from eXtreme CRM EMEA

Jim Wray | 2/21/2014

Jim Wray presents his observations and lessons learned from his time at the eXtreme CRM EMEA Conference in Barcelona. Read More

Everyday Rule Authoring

Mark Lonsway | 2/10/2014

Mark Lonsway, senior vice president of professional services for InRule, explores how he incorporates rules into his daily life to refine his rule-authoring skills. Read More

Better Living Through Continuous Improvement, Part 2: Team Principles

Jeff Key | 2/6/2014

InRule's Jeff Key shares his thoughts on continuous improvement for teams and provides examples of how he and his colleagues work together to enhance their group's contributions. Read More

Turning the Tables on Rule Creation

Dan Reynolds | 2/5/2014

InRule's Dan Reynolds shares his insights on how to leverage the wealth of static information trapped in Excel and transform it into actual rules that can be used by your application Read More