Playing in the Sandbox: Running Scalable and Secure Business Rules with Dynamics CRM

John Hauppa | 7/7/2014

John Hauppa answers the oft-asked question: Which approach is best for integrating InRule and Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Read More

(Not) Lost in Translation

Mike Grucella | 6/24/2014

Mike Grucella addresses the support of localization from within business rules. Read More

Extensibility Overview: Part II

Jeff Key | 6/23/2014

In Jeff Key's second Extensibility series post, he explores extensibility relative to InRule’s Authoring SDK. Read More

Using InRule for Population and Wellness Management

Loren Goodman | 6/3/2014

InRule Co-Founder and CTO Loren Goodman dives into the application of InRule for population management and wellness programs. He highlights his experiences in working with customers on these deployments and key criteria that must be met to ensure a successful implementation. Read More

National WIC Association Conference

Michael Bonner | 5/29/2014

Michael Bonner shares his experience attending this year's NWA WIC Conference. NWA is a non-profit education and advocacy organization for the Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC). The conference brings together public health professionals, technical experts and vendors who support the WIC community. Read More

It’s OK to Play with Matches

Mike Grucella | 5/12/2014

Mike Grucella explores the concept of "fuzzy matching" and how two proven algorithms can be leveraged using InRule's irAuthor. Read More

Loan Origination and Business Rule Management Systems

Rik Chomko | 5/8/2014

Rik Chomko dives into the role BRMS can play in the various phases of the loan origination process. Read More

Dogfood or Champagne: Testing InRule with InRule

Jim Wray | 4/29/2014

The InRule QA team performed integration testing of InRule using InRule. Jim Wray serves up the story. Read More

Extensibility Overview: Part I

Jeff Key | 4/21/2014

In the first of a three part series, Jeff Key dives into the concept of extensibility and provides several real-world examples. Read More

If You Build It, They Will Come

Mike Grucella | 4/13/2014

From retail stores to hotels, airlines and casinos, businesses are turning to loyalty programs to promote repeat business. Mike Grucella presents several examples of how business rules can be applied to loyalty programs to drive customer satisfaction and retention. Read More