InRulians in Europe

David Thornton | 11/17/2014

David Thornton, from InRule Technology's UK office, details the many highs of Convergence Europe and the company's inaugural User Community gathering for the EMEA region. Read More

Managing Complex Business Rules with

ROAD Team | 10/28/2014

John Hauppa details how to tackle integration of and the platform with InRule. Read More

Challenge: Werewolves!

Robert Eaman | 10/20/2014

As Halloween approaches, Rob Eaman issues the first thinkinginrules reader challenge! Two lucky winners will be rewarded for creating an InRule rule application that computes the risks of meeting a werewolf. Read More

How Low Can You Go?

Mike Grucella | 10/6/2014

A recent Forrester report shines a light on "low code platforms" for enhancing productivity and agility. Mike Grucella demonstrates how InRule, as a platform for business rules, is the special ops of low-code. Read More

How About a Date with InRule?

Mark Lonsway | 9/29/2014

Mark Lonsway dives into date checking in business logic and provides tips for ensuring a smooth dating process. Read More

That Conference

Engineering Team | 9/8/2014

This year's That Conference (yes, that's really the name) was a boon for InRule. Learn more about the event and why InRule opted to have such a significant presence. Read More

Welcome to Paradise

Dan Reynolds | 9/2/2014

Dan Reynolds explores enhancements to the InRule offering that will give rule authors the ability to take their existing rules and render them to JavaScript. Read More

Bringing Together Our Vision and Your Voice

Renee Wagner | 7/21/2014

Planning is in full swing for the InRule User Community Meeting. What can attendees look forward to when they convene in Chicago this September? Read More

Can Learning InRule be Taxing?

Robert Eaman | 7/14/2014

Rob Eaman, one of the newest InRulians, decided to learn InRule by creating his own rule application. He chose to create a ruleapp that would make sense of "the byzantine, confusing Chicago retail food tax codes." Read More

Playing in the Sandbox: Running Scalable and Secure Business Rules with Dynamics CRM

ROAD Team | 7/7/2014

John Hauppa answers the oft-asked question: Which approach is best for integrating InRule and Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Read More