Business Rule Reporting with Custom irAuthor Extensions

John Hauppa | 9/22/2015

InRule Director of Architecture Services John Hauppa walks through creating and using irAuthor extensions. He provides an example of a custom Word document report that includes information about Business Language rules. Read More

GI≠GO: When Garbage in Doesn’t Equal Garbage Out

Robert Eaman | 9/14/2015

Rob Eaman addresses why "Garbage In" doesn't always equal "Garbage Out". Read More

Reimagine Your Rules

Renee Wagner | 8/20/2015

Another InRule User Community Meeting is on the horizon for Chicago and London! Renee Wagner details what's ahead for conference attendees. Read More

That Conference 2015

Chris Berg | 8/18/2015

Chris Berg talks about his experience attending That Conference and the positive impact it had on both him and his daughter. Read More

Dynamic Surveys in Dynamics CRM Part I: Don't Be a Monkey With Your Survey

Josh Elster | 8/17/2015

Josh Elster presents the story of Kevin and how he achieves hero-status by creating a dynamic and logic-driven survey that enhances customer experience and builds on the capabilities of InRule and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Read More

To Repro or Not to Repro, That is the Question

Mark Malen | 8/12/2015

Mark Malen highlights the information that is often requested by the InRule support team in order to determine the root cause of an issue. Read More

Patterns & Practices: Data Validation

Mike Grucella | 7/6/2015

Mike Grucella shares a recommended pattern for writing validation rules and highlights how to push any validation exceptions back to the calling application. Read More

Business Rules with

John Hauppa | 6/15/2015

Building on an earlier blog post, John Hauppa outlines InRule tools for integration with and how they allow for a range of business logic challenges to be overcome - without code Read More

New Feature: Background Compilation

Mark Malen | 5/28/2015

Mark Malen introduces InRule's new background compilation feature and demonstrates how it can make your life easier. Read More

It’s Done! (But did I break something ELSE??)

Alan Holley | 5/25/2015

Alan Holley walks blog readers through InRule regression testing. Read More