New Feature: Background Compilation

Mark Malen | 5/28/2015

Mark Malen introduces InRule's new background compilation feature and demonstrates how it can make your life easier. Read More

It’s Done! (But did I break something ELSE??)

Alan Holley | 5/25/2015

Alan Holley walks blog readers through InRule regression testing. Read More

Microsoft Portable Business Logic or InRule?

Mike Grucella | 5/18/2015

Mike Grucella compares Microsoft Portable Business Logic to InRule and highlights when each solution can provide the most value to your organization. Read More

BPM and Business Rules: K2 and InRule

John Hauppa | 5/6/2015

John Hauppa walks through the “low-code” integration between BPM and rules using K2 and InRule. He details how a sample component can be configured to discover InRule rule applications and execute those rule applications from K2 components. Read More

Five Things I've Learned About InRule

Josh Elster | 4/21/2015

Josh Elster from the ROAD team outlines five things he's learned about InRule in his first six months as an InRulian. Read More

Contest: NBA Game Predictor

Robert Eaman | 4/17/2015

Rob Eaman throws down the gauntlet again! Check out our latest contest tied to the NBA playoffs and you may just win a $20 Starbucks gift card. Read More

InRule for JavaScript

Jim Wray | 4/13/2015

VP of Product Management Jim Wray walks readers through InRule for JavaScript and shows off a nifty HTML form that uses the rules package to calculate loyalty points for a transaction. Read More

Getting Things Done with Todoist

Jeff Key | 3/31/2015

Learn how VP of Engineering Jeff Key uses Todoist to make himself a model of efficiency. Read More

Rules Can Do More

Chris Berg | 3/26/2015

Chris Berg highlights key points detailed in his white paper, Case Management Patterns and Practice Using InRule and Read More

Analyze This!

Mark Malen | 3/11/2015

Drumroll please! Mark Malen introduces the Rule App Analyzer and highlights how it can easily calculate the types of components that make up a rule application. Read More