Patterns and Practices: Iterating Collections

Elaine Cowen | 6/20/2016

Product Manager Elaine Cowen takes blog readers through a common problem associated with claims processing and how it can be solved with an Execute Member Rule Set. Read More

Secrets of the Lost Dynamics Schema

Josh Elster | 6/6/2016

Josh Elster channels his inner Indiana Jones and walks readers through a few of the tools in his schema archaeology toolbox. Read More

Extensions: The Drinking Bird of irAuthor

Mike Grucella | 5/24/2016

Mike Grucella explains how to simplify and customize the user interface of irAuthor. Read More

Getting Started with InRule for Microsoft Azure

Ryan Rinaldi | 5/11/2016

InRule Lead Product Engineer Ryan Rinaldi walks readers through how to get started using InRule for Microsoft Azure. Read More

Clinical Trials

Josh Elster | 4/28/2016

Josh Elster walks through the benefits of using a BRMS for clinical trials by leveraging expertise gained from working on a project with a large pharmaceutical company. Read More

Self-Service Fraud Detection

Mike Grucella | 2/22/2016

Mike Grucella highlights how a BRMS can aid with banking and credit fraud detection efforts by allowing customers to change the rules.  Read More

InRule: Dedicated to Customer Success

Product Management Team | 2/17/2016

Jim Wray is leading our new team dedicated to Customer Success! In this post, he details the goals for the team and how they plan to make every InRule User Community member a success story.  Read More

Dynamic Surveys in Dynamics CRM, Part IV: The Rules

Josh Elster | 2/4/2016

In his fourth and final post in the dynamic survey series, Josh Elster examines the business logic and rules associated with a guided survey. Read More

Dynamic Surveys in Microsoft Dynamics, Part III: The ViewModel

Josh Elster | 11/11/2015

In the third installment of a series of dynamic surveys in Microsoft Dynamics, Josh Elster addresses the challenges and concerns surrounding the implementation and design of a survey's object model. Read More

Chicago’s New Property Tax is Impossible to Implement?

Robert Eaman | 11/2/2015

The City of Chicago recently approved a property tax hike and Cook County executives say it's not possible to implement the changes to the tax logic. Enter InRule... Rob Eaman explains. Read More