User Defined Functions and Variable Execution of Rule Sets

Dustin Oxford | 8/15/2016

ROAD team Consultant Dustin Oxford shares his first blog post and a wealth of knowledge centered around user defined functions and variable execution of rule sets. Read More

Freddy vs. JSON

Elaine Cowen | 8/10/2016

Product Manager Elaine Cowen walks readers through how irVerify supports JSON. Read More

Rule Application Patterns, Part II: Collection Aggregation – The Sum of Counts

Robert Eaman | 7/27/2016

Rob Eaman is back at it with Part II of our Rule Application Patterns series. In this edition, Rob discuses nesting an aggregate function inside another aggregate function. Read More

Thinking Big Data with Rules and Hadoop

Chris Berg | 7/11/2016

Chris Berg is back in action exploring business rules with Hadoop. Read More

Business Rules for CPQ

Mike Grucella | 7/5/2016

Mike Grucella explains how business rules can be used to solve your Configure Price Quote problems. Read More

Rule Application Patterns, Part I: Adding Members to a Collection Using Vocabulary and Explicit Rule Sets

Robert Eaman | 6/29/2016

In part one of our new series, Rule Application Patterns, Rob Eaman walks us through how to add members to a collection of messages by using both vocabulary and explicit rule sets. Read More

Decision Table Dreams

Chris Berg | 6/22/2016

Director of Product Design and Strategy Chris Berg steps out of the InRule Lab to give us an update on decision tables. Read More

Patterns and Practices: Iterating Collections

Elaine Cowen | 6/20/2016

Product Manager Elaine Cowen takes blog readers through a common problem associated with claims processing and how it can be solved with an Execute Member Rule Set. Read More

Secrets of the Lost Dynamics Schema

Josh Elster | 6/6/2016

Josh Elster channels his inner Indiana Jones and walks readers through a few of the tools in his schema archaeology toolbox. Read More

Extensions: The Drinking Bird of irAuthor

Mike Grucella | 5/24/2016

Mike Grucella explains how to simplify and customize the user interface of irAuthor. Read More