I Got a Stable Marriage Problem, but a Match Ain’t One

Mike Grucella | 5/1/2017

Michael Grucella shows how business logic can solve the Stable Marriage Problem using Gale-Shapley. Read More

The Telephone Isn’t Dead, It’s a Classic

Heather Hume | 4/21/2017

Heather Hume takes us back to the glory days of when the phone was king, and tells us why it can still be a great resource for business today. Read More

Virtual Lookups and The Customer Data Type

Josh Elster | 4/13/2017

Josh Elster is back in his latest blog post explaining how virtual lookup and customer data types work in both irAuthor and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Read More

Patterns and Practices: Iterating Collections Part Deux - Well hello there, For Each

Elaine Cowen | 4/4/2017

In part two of a Patterns and Practices series, Product Manager Elaine Cowen discusses "For Each" - a new rule construct available for iterating collections. Read More

Microsoft.Xrm.Client Woes and How to Resolve Them

Josh Elster | 3/28/2017

Josh Elster show us how to solve a common problem for Microsoft.Xrm.Client. Read More

Shifting Context for Aggregate Vocabulary Expressions

Dustin Oxford | 3/15/2017

ROAD team member Dustin Oxford shows us how to gain more flexibility when using collection functions in our vocabulary expressions. Read More

How to Swap a WCF Service Between HTTP and HTTPS

Josh Elster | 3/1/2017

Josh Elster is back with a step by step walk through for changing your WCF service between HTTP and HTTPS. Read More

Getting to Inbox Zero and Staying There

Jeff Key | 2/21/2017

Jeff Key teaches us how to clear out our email inbox using the "Getting Things Done" methodology. Read More

Back to Basics: What is a Business Rules Engine?

Peter Fudalej | 2/17/2017

Marketing Manger Peter Fudalej takes us back to the basics as he answers the question, "What is a Business Rules Engine?" Read More

Deja Vu All Over Again

Elaine Cowen | 2/13/2017

InRule Product Manager, Elaine Cowen, explains how using Vocabulary templates in irAuthor allows users to create specific business language rules, re-use and modify existing business rules. Read More