Shout Out from BBC Vegas 2013

Mark Lonsway | 11/18/2013

Mark Lonsway provides highlights from this year's Building Business Capability conference (formerly Business Rules Forum) at the expansive Mandalay Bay in scenic Las Vegas. Read More

Tool Oriented Development

Loren Goodman | 11/13/2013

Loren Goodman describes his vision for Tool Oriented Development, an approach to software development where the focus is on the creation of tools that are used to generate portions of a solution’s code base. Read More

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013: PBL

Product Management Team | 10/31/2013

Jim Wray talks about a new feature in Microsoft CRM 2013, portable business logic (PBL) -- also known as Business Rules-- and when a customer should use it and when they should not. Read More

Enterprise Batch Processing with Business Rule Engines

ROAD Team | 10/28/2013

John Hauppa describes that while marketing emphasis tends to focus on flashy user interfaces and buzz words, he's finding that many clients are using InRule to perform complex calculations and decision-making using heavy, back-end, batch processing. Read More

Rules for Dynamic Customer Focused Applications

Sales and Marketing Teams | 10/21/2013

Theresa ONeil shares some observations from the annual InRule User Community Meeting and the Age of the Customer. Read More

Rules are Trending in Government

Rik Chomko | 10/15/2013

Rik Chomko explores the government's shift in attention to rules and rule management technology. Read More

You're More Biased than you Think

Product Management Team | 10/7/2013

Director of Product Manager Jim Wray writes about heuristics, or mental shortcuts for decision-making. One shortcut is called Confirmation Bias, in which you only focus on evidence that supports your position and ignore conflicting evidence. Learn about other commonly used heuristics and how they affect decision-making. Read More

A Formula for Success

Mike Grucella | 9/23/2013

Mike Grucella details his experiences and takeaways after attending the 2013 National WIC Association conference in Dallas, Texas. Read More

Quantifying Value: Why BRMS is Like a Day at the Beach

Sales and Marketing Teams | 9/16/2013

Only InRule Technology SVP of Corporate Development Theresa ONeil could liken business rule technology to a day at the beach. Read More

Rules of Leadership

Rik Chomko | 9/11/2013

This week's blog post by InRule Technology COO Rik Chomko addresses Rules of Leadership featuring George Washington. Read More