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How to Swap a WCF Service Between HTTP and HTTPS

Josh Elster | 3/1/2017

Josh Elster is back with a step by step walk through for changing your WCF service between HTTP and HTTPS. Read More

Getting to Inbox Zero and Staying There

Jeff Key | 2/21/2017

Jeff Key teaches us how to clear out our email inbox using the "Getting Things Done" methodology. Read More

Shining a Light into the Dark Corners of your Organization

Jeff Key | 9/7/2016

InRule SVP of Engineering Jeff Key shines a light on the tools he uses to promote transparency within his team. Read More

THAT Experience

Elaine Cowen | 8/17/2016

THAT Conference rookie Elaine Cowen shares her thoughts and experience at this year's summer camp for geeks. Read on for reviews of the conference, sessions and water slides. Read More

Patterns and Practices: Iterating Collections

Elaine Cowen | 6/20/2016

Product Manager Elaine Cowen takes blog readers through a common problem associated with claims processing and how it can be solved with an Execute Member Rule Set. Read More

Secrets of the Lost Dynamics Schema

Josh Elster | 6/6/2016

Josh Elster channels his inner Indiana Jones and walks readers through a few of the tools in his schema archaeology toolbox. Read More

Extensions: The Drinking Bird of irAuthor

Mike Grucella | 5/24/2016

Mike Grucella explains how to simplify and customize the user interface of irAuthor. Read More

Dynamic Surveys in Dynamics CRM, Part IV: The Rules

Josh Elster | 2/4/2016

In his fourth and final post in the dynamic survey series, Josh Elster examines the business logic and rules associated with a guided survey. Read More

Dynamic Surveys in Microsoft Dynamics, Part III: The ViewModel

Josh Elster | 11/11/2015

In the third installment of a series of dynamic surveys in Microsoft Dynamics, Josh Elster addresses the challenges and concerns surrounding the implementation and design of a survey's object model. Read More

Dynamic Surveys in Dynamics CRM Part II: Managing Dependencies

Josh Elster | 9/29/2015

Josh Elster dives deeper into dynamic surveys in this second post on the topic. Read More