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THAT Experience

Elaine Cowen | 8/17/2016

THAT Conference rookie Elaine Cowen shares her thoughts and experience at this year's summer camp for geeks. Read on for reviews of the conference, sessions and water slides. Read More

That Conference 2015

Chris Berg | 8/18/2015

Chris Berg talks about his experience attending That Conference and the positive impact it had on both him and his daughter. Read More

Business Rules with

ROAD Team | 6/15/2015

Building on an earlier blog post, John Hauppa outlines InRule tools for integration with and how they allow for a range of business logic challenges to be overcome - without code Read More

Managing Complex Business Rules with

ROAD Team | 10/28/2014

John Hauppa details how to tackle integration of and the platform with InRule. Read More

That Conference

Engineering Team | 9/8/2014

This year's That Conference (yes, that's really the name) was a boon for InRule. Learn more about the event and why InRule opted to have such a significant presence. Read More

Welcome to Paradise

Dan Reynolds | 9/2/2014

Dan Reynolds explores enhancements to the InRule offering that will give rule authors the ability to take their existing rules and render them to JavaScript. Read More

Extensibility Overview: Part II

Jeff Key | 6/23/2014

In Jeff Key's second Extensibility series post, he explores extensibility relative to InRule’s Authoring SDK. Read More

Extensibility Overview: Part I

Jeff Key | 4/21/2014

In the first of a three part series, Jeff Key dives into the concept of extensibility and provides several real-world examples. Read More

Tool Oriented Development

Loren Goodman | 11/13/2013

Loren Goodman describes his vision for Tool Oriented Development, an approach to software development where the focus is on the creation of tools that are used to generate portions of a solution’s code base. Read More