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Bridging the Gap Between Business Analysis and Technology

Robert Eaman | 11/11/2016

Rob Eaman gives us his thoughts after attending this years' Building Business Continuity (BBC) Conference and offers helpful suggestions to Business Analysts working with developers and project managers. Read More

InRule for JavaScript Life

Josh Elster | 9/16/2016

ROAD team Sr. Consultant Josh Elster shows off how you can use InRule for JavaScript® to create your own sandbox of emergent complexity by implementing a basic version of the classic Conway's Game of Life. Read More

Rule Harvesting Accelerator Program: Migrating Rules into InRule

Product Management Team | 9/24/2015

Jim Wray details CTO Loren Goodman's recent demo of a tool he created to help an organization migrate thousands of rules into InRule in hours or days instead of the weeks or months it would take to do manually. Read More