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InRule for JavaScript Life

Josh Elster | 9/16/2016

ROAD team Sr. Consultant Josh Elster shows off how you can use InRule for JavaScript® to create your own sandbox of emergent complexity by implementing a basic version of the classic Conway's Game of Life. Read More

InRule for JavaScript

Jim Wray | 4/13/2015

VP of Product Management Jim Wray walks readers through InRule for JavaScript and shows off a nifty HTML form that uses the rules package to calculate loyalty points for a transaction. Read More

InRule for Web and Mobile

Jim Wray | 1/14/2015

Jim Wray demonstrates how easy it is to call InRule using basic JavaScript techniques. Read More

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013: PBL

Jim Wray | 10/31/2013

Jim Wray talks about a new feature in Microsoft CRM 2013, portable business logic (PBL) -- also known as Business Rules-- and when a customer should use it and when they should not. Read More