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Serverless Execution with InRule for JavaScript and AWS Lambda

Dan Reynolds | 5/23/2017

Dan Reynolds, VP of Product Management, walks us through the process of creating rules in irAuthor and executing them in Amazon as an AWS Lambda Function. Read More

InRule for JavaScript Life

Josh Elster | 9/16/2016

ROAD team Sr. Consultant Josh Elster shows off how you can use InRule for JavaScript® to create your own sandbox of emergent complexity by implementing a basic version of the classic Conway's Game of Life. Read More

InRule for JavaScript

Jim Wray | 4/13/2015

VP of Product Management Jim Wray walks readers through InRule for JavaScript and shows off a nifty HTML form that uses the rules package to calculate loyalty points for a transaction. Read More

InRule for Web and Mobile

Jim Wray | 1/14/2015

Jim Wray demonstrates how easy it is to call InRule using basic JavaScript techniques. Read More

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013: PBL

Jim Wray | 10/31/2013

Jim Wray talks about a new feature in Microsoft CRM 2013, portable business logic (PBL) -- also known as Business Rules-- and when a customer should use it and when they should not. Read More