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The Telephone Isn’t Dead, It’s a Classic

Heather Hume | 4/21/2017

Heather Hume takes us back to the glory days of when the phone was king, and tells us why it can still be a great resource for business today. Read More

Bridging the Gap Between Business Analysis and Technology

Robert Eaman | 11/11/2016

Rob Eaman gives us his thoughts after attending this years' Building Business Continuity (BBC) Conference and offers helpful suggestions to Business Analysts working with developers and project managers. Read More

Business Rules for CPQ

Mike Grucella | 7/5/2016

Mike Grucella explains how business rules can be used to solve your Configure Price Quote problems. Read More

How Low Can You Go?

Mike Grucella | 10/6/2014

A recent Forrester report shines a light on "low code platforms" for enhancing productivity and agility. Mike Grucella demonstrates how InRule, as a platform for business rules, is the special ops of low-code. Read More

Transparency and Execution

Loren Goodman | 1/21/2014

Loren Goodman writes about the power of transparency in communications in this week’s blog. From something as simple as knowing when the coffee was brewed to something as complex as patient care, transparency empowers. Read More