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I Got a Stable Marriage Problem, but a Match Ain’t One

Mike Grucella | 5/1/2017

Michael Grucella shows how business logic can solve the Stable Marriage Problem using Gale-Shapley. Read More

Patterns and Practices: Iterating Collections Part Deux - Well hello there, For Each

Elaine Cowen | 4/4/2017

In part two of a Patterns and Practices series, Product Manager Elaine Cowen discusses "For Each" - a new rule construct available for iterating collections. Read More

Microsoft.Xrm.Client Woes and How to Resolve Them

Josh Elster | 3/28/2017

Josh Elster show us how to solve a common problem for Microsoft.Xrm.Client. Read More

Drumroll Please... Introducing InRule® for the Salesforce® Platform

Renee Wagner | 10/21/2016

InRule® for the Salesforce® Platform is the only enterprise-grade BRMS for Salesforce users - and best of all, it's coming soon! Read More

Self-Service Fraud Detection

Mike Grucella | 2/22/2016

Mike Grucella highlights how a BRMS can aid with banking and credit fraud detection efforts by allowing customers to change the rules.  Read More

Rule Harvesting Accelerator Program: Migrating Rules into InRule

Jim Wray | 9/24/2015

Jim Wray details CTO Loren Goodman's recent demo of a tool he created to help an organization migrate thousands of rules into InRule in hours or days instead of the weeks or months it would take to do manually. Read More

BPM and Business Rules: K2 and InRule

John Hauppa | 5/6/2015

John Hauppa walks through the “low-code” integration between BPM and rules using K2 and InRule. He details how a sample component can be configured to discover InRule rule applications and execute those rule applications from K2 components. Read More

Turning the Tables on Rule Creation

Dan Reynolds | 2/5/2014

InRule's Dan Reynolds shares his insights on how to leverage the wealth of static information trapped in Excel and transform it into actual rules that can be used by your application Read More

Insurance Claims Adjudication and Business Rule Engine

John Hauppa | 1/14/2014

One of the most complex processes in Insurance is claims processing, or “claims adjudication." John Hauppa describes how the claims adjudication step often needs the highest number of permutations of business logic as rules are applied across lines of business, geographic locations, various providers, clients, and policy benefits. Read More

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013: PBL

Jim Wray | 10/31/2013

Jim Wray talks about a new feature in Microsoft CRM 2013, portable business logic (PBL) -- also known as Business Rules-- and when a customer should use it and when they should not. Read More