InRule® The Premier BRMS
for the Microsoft Platform

InRule® The Premier BRMS
for the Microsoft Platform

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Experience InRule®, the Premier Business Rule Management System for the Microsoft Platform.

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Learn how InRule allows users to manage rules and logic without code.

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The rules are always changing. Be ready.

InRule Technology provides software and services that enable you to change rules and calculations in applications without programming. We help you keep pace with changing requirements by making applications easy to update by technical or business people.

InRule Technology delivers InRule®, the Premier Business Rule Management System for the Microsoft platform. And business rule technology is the only thing we do.

We empower people to change the rules of business.

And realize quantifiable results.

InRule can have a powerful impact on your organization—and on everyone involved, from IT departments to subject matter experts to internal users to customers.

InRule leads to increased productivity and profits, allowing you to align the logic of mission-critical systems and customer-focused applications with changing marketplace and customer needs. With InRule Technology, as the rules change, so can your business.

Our expertise. Your rules. Decisive Results.

We are dedicated to making your project a success. So we’ll leverage our BRMS expertise to help you design a system that will connect business intent to business results—so you can make a lasting impact on your business.

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Our areas of focus include Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare and Government.

Who relies on InRule Technology? Just some of the hundreds:

We’ve been helping customers leverage rules for results since 2002.

Over a decade of experience deploying mission-critical and customer-facing applications in over 20 countries across dozens of verticals with one intense focus: business rule technology.