Jeff Key

Senior Vice President of Engineering

Jeff has a diverse background in software development with a proven track record of execution and delivery with 20 years in the industry. A Charter Five employee, Jeff has been with InRule since its founding in 2002. Jeff has held many roles at InRule, including developer, architect, and technical product manager. This diverse experience is the foundation for Jeff’s leadership of a team that produces world-class software.

As Senior Vice President of Engineering, Jeff’s mantra is continual improvement, from product to people to process. He introduced the Scrum development methodology to InRule, which has improved product quality and increased the frequency of product releases to the marketplace. Under Jeff’s leadership, technical debt is continually reduced to allow increasing investments in new capabilities.

Jeff’s goal is to create a frictionless environment in which engineers can be most productive and continually grow. The engineering team hosts monthly Friction Reduction Fridays (all-hands events in which everyone takes on a task to improve process), weekly lunches with video and discussion, and book club meetings to promote improvement, innovation and collaboration.

Prior to InRule, Jeff was one of the first architects with a cutting-edge payroll startup, designing the stateless multi-tier architecture needed to scale a quickly-growing business. Jeff has also worked as a consultant, helping clients create scalable and maintainable enterprise systems – some of which are still in use, over a decade after implementation.

In his free time, Jeff enjoys traveling, urbanism and trying to find time to play hockey.